Dynamic! Soulful! HighEnery! ROCK - R&B - ELECTRIC BLUES

Originals & Covers from 50s on UP!!



  • Sat  5  7am-10pm--Cranberry Sports Grille, Cranberry Twp Pa (Acoustic duet out on the beautifully lit deck! )
  • Fri 11   9pm-12:30pm--Elrama Tavern, 1520 Rt1837 Elrama, PA (Acoustic duet)
  • Sat 12   3pm-6pm  ABATE SHOW, Burg Bar & Grille, 1118 11th St, West Pittsburgh, PA ( Full Band) Several Bands Preforming for this Event! 
  • Thur  17  6pm-9pm--Cranberry Sports Grille, Cranberry Twp PA ( Full Band Outside on the Deck!)
  • Fri  18  9pm-1pm Walkers Bar & Grille, 176 McGovern Rd , Rt 51, Glenwillard PA  (Acoustic Duet)
  • Sat 19  2pm-5pm--Foxburg Winery, Foxburg PA
  • Sat 19   6:15pm-7:30pm --MIDSUMMERS MUSIC FESTIVAL Rock Falls, Slippery Rock PA Outdoor 4 day event bands day and night with outdoor camping and Beach!
  • Wed  19  6pm-9pm--Private Event
  • Thur  20  9pm-1pm-- Private Event
  • Fri 25  6pm-9pm--Hotel Saxonburg, Saxonburg PA (Acoustic duet on the deck! The food here is amazing!!)
  • Sat 26  9pm-1pm--Palace Inn 562 Rt68, New Brighton , PA (Full Band)
  • Wed  30  6pm-9pm-- BIKE NITE Millerstown Inn, Chicora PA (Full Band)


"WOW! Angel's vocals are a knockout! One act you don't want to miss! Got to see her!"  --Pittsburgh Post Gazette                               

"Angel Blue Band was as close to perfect that I have ever seen in a band competition. WOW!"--Peter A. Shaw, Judge for Regional Music Competition for 15+ yrs.

2011/2012 Winner of Pittsburghs Best Blues Based Band..Iron City Rocks Radio & Podcast

2012--Winner of Pittsburghs   Best Female Vocalist--Iron City Rocks Radio & Podcast

The absolute best female voice around!  Soulful, heartbreaking and blow the house down worthy!"
--Janyce Lapore, PIttsburgh Screen Writer

"If you close your eyes you'd swear Janis Joplin was still alive!"  --Fans

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